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I'm mostly vegetarian, but not always
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Pizza Research Institute in Eugene, Oregon
Apr 16 12

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My family has been a long-time customer of Pizza Research Institute but no more. They are notoriously slow but sometimes good things are worth waiting for. The pizza is above average but the real draw for us was the cheeseless vegan options which don't taste like soy cheese, but quite good. However, we have a threshold for rudeness. Of course you can't lump all the staff into one basket, any business will have good and bad employees. The problem at PRI is at the root, the ownership, which we found him to be not just rude, but ruthless and mean. In my 46 years I have never seen a business treat a customer so poorly, starting with my wife and then ending with me. I will spare you the drama other than to safe at one point I didn't feel safe. As another customer wrote we drove down the street to kid-friendly Laughing Planet, and saved some money in the process. If I thought PRI was having a bad day I wouldn't be writing this, it happens, but there is a deeper problem and not something I'm willing to support anymore.