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City, O' City in Denver, Colorado
Oct 30 12

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This was like walking into a northwest style vegan eatery. the style of customers and staff was border line neo-hippy/ hipster the enviroment was the same. It was nice to have vegan options that weren't soy product on soy product with some fried soy product as a side. The Food was tasty, the service was good. The waitress could of explained to us what we were ordering for a 2 and a half year old was a bit artsy and not just a tray of fruit and veggies, but over all service was good and food was excellent.

Yak and Yeti in Denver, Colorado
Oct 30 12

rating star

This was wonerful food with great service. we tried quite a verity of thing off their vegan portion of the menu and it was all wonderful. the service was just great, no words can ever put down how important good service is but to have oustanding service is a rare gem in a restaurant. I highly recomend if your in the mile high city you stop in at the Yak nd Yeti for great Vegan food and wonderful service.

Laughing Planet in Eugene, Oregon
Oct 27 12

rating star

I love this place, i go to the other one in town to sit down. I go downtown when i get it to go but i love the Che' Burrito. Unfortunatly it's so good and i dont eat out much it's all i have had their. service ranges from ok to good but i have never had bad service their.

Pizza Research Institute in Eugene, Oregon
Apr 13 12

rating star

I have yet to actually get food from PRI. I have had rude enough serves on the phone to just hang up, after the person be littled me for calling with out first knowing their entire menu. Then the servers where rude enough to ask a person in my party if the would please hurry it up there were other waiting to order, we said fine you take their orders. we drove down the block and enjoyed Laughing Planet instead.

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