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Veggies to Go in Chicago, Illinois
Apr 5 07

rating star

I'm really happy with this new restaurant. They have a wide variety of hot and cold sandwiches featuring straight veggies as well as mock meats. All of them can be made vegan, including vegan cheese. Additionally, they have vegan wraps, soups, smoothies and desserts. The restaurant is still finding its stride due to only being open for a couple weeks, so if you're vegan make sure you're clear you need the vegan versions of items.

Atomic #7 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Aug 23 11

rating star

Amazing ice cream. Dozens of options. My favorite is almond milk base peanut butter ice cream with Oreos and cookie dough in a waffle cone!

Meskerem in Las Vegas, Nevada
Aug 23 11

rating star

This restaurant is a favorite of Ethiopian cab drivers, many of whom hang out in the attached lounge. I've had a mixed experience here. While I've often had great meals, I've also received cold food once or twice. If you're looking for food at 2am, this is better than most options.

Mint Indian Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada
Aug 23 11

rating star

This is an excellent Indian restaurant with Tibetan/Nepalese options. The food is light and fresh, and all of the items are clearly marked as vegetarian or vegan friendly. The lunch buffet and the dinner menu are both worth trying.

Amy's Place in Buffalo & Western NY, New York
Mar 31 13

rating star

Old school but pretty darned good vegan options. It's worth a visit for the character.

Kaydara Noodle Bar in Buffalo & Western NY, New York
Apr 11 13

rating star

This noodle bar has a conscientious staff and a handful of really good veg*n options. While some specials are labeled as vegan, some other vegetable items contain fish sauce/oil or dairy, so ask the server to check with the chef before ordering. They will offer substitutes to make the dish veg*n.

Lexington Real Foods Community Coop in Buffalo & Western NY, New York
Apr 10 13

rating star

A really nice co-operative grocery with plenty of vegan baked goods and other items.

Pattycake Vegan Bakery in Columbus, Ohio
Jun 29 06

rating star

Fantastic, vegan cookies that are actually moist!

Aux Vivres in Montréal, Quebec
Apr 14 05

rating star

delicious and very much open.
it moved some time ago.
the address listed here is current.
i highly recommend.

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