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Falafel Palace in San Fernando Valley, California
Mar 4 12

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Finally got to see Falafel Palace in it's new revamped glory. Love the lively open look and feel of the place. Everything is moved to the right side of the cash register which makes it way less crowded.

One of the many places I ate lunch, this falafel restaurant was a staple. Ironically, I never had the falafel. Nope, not once. What did I eat you ask? I usually go with what I know so that I lower my chance of being disappointed.

You have have to try the gyros. All fresh ingredients wrapped by a thick, fluffy pita bread. They serve this with lettuce and yogurt sauce but I say no. I don't like any white creamy sauces.

You might think all this is good enough to warrant 4 stars but no. One of the things I enjoy with this gyro is their pickle bar. You get a choice of pickled cabbage (purple or white), sauerkraut, cucumbers, and those small yellow fireball peppers. These really augment and contrast the flavor of the lamb.

While there try their baklava. The pistachio and honey is the best. Love it. I also noticed they got a tea dispenser. My favorite is the green tea.