Numbers, lots of numbers ...

Overall Statistics

  • We have 20755 entries in the system, of which 2647 (12.8%) are marked closed.
  • There have been 6 new entries added in the last seven days.
  • There have been 10 entries changed in the last seven days.
  • We have 14074 reviews and 22961 ratings.

Region Statistics

  • We have 2722 regions in the system. Of these, 241 regions contain other regions (like "United States" contains "Minnesota") and 2481 regions do not. We have 2200 regions with entries.
  • These regions are spread throughout 172 countries.
  • Of the 2200 regions with entries, each region has an average (mean) of 9.4 entries each. The median number of entries per region is 2.

User Statistics

  • We have 13211 users. Of these, 8607 (65.2%) have contributed to the site by adding/editing an entry, writing a review/comment, or rating an entry. (This leaves out users who suggested changes to existing entries before March of 2004).
  • Of the 3007 users who have added entries, they've entered an average (mean) of 6.9 entries each. The median number of entries per user is 1.
  • The average (mean) rating for an entry across all users is 3.90