What's New in VegGuide 3.0?

There are a lot of changes in VegGuide 3.0. The first, and most obvious, was a major overhaul of the look and feel of the site. The old version was a bit too programmerish. Our UI goal for VG3 is to make the site easier to use. Specifically, we've tried to reduce the number of links on each page, as well as using consistent link and button styles for similar actions.

Hopefully these changes will make the site more approachable for newcomers, and we suspect even repeat visitors may discover features they didn't notice before.

New Stuff

Google Maps

One of the major new features in this version of VegGuide is our deeper Google Maps integration. You can now map any listing of entries. Thanks to John Eckman, who also worked on this feature and provided the icons we use on map listings.

We also provide a Google Map embedded in each entry's page whenever possible.

One of the things we're really excited about is that this feature works in many locations all around the world.

Listing filters

We've done a major overhaul on the filtering feature. Besides the UI changes, you can now filter any type of listing (by region, name, or proximity to an address).

Improved Search

Searching has been much improved. In particular, if you search by name and your search matches both regions and entries, you'll see both things in the results.


Ratings in VegGuide 3.0 are now on a scale of 1 to 5, rather than 1 to 10. We also use a weighted rating system which should make sorting a list by rating more useful.

Users can add new regions

In the past, adding a new region required that you suggest a new region and that a site admin add it. That was really slow, since the one guy (uh, me) who added the new regions often didn't get around to it. Now users can add new regions on their own. Just look for the "Add a new region" button when you're browsing the region tree.

Everything is Bookmarkable

The URI scheme for VegGuide 3.0 has been totally redone. This means that everything is bookmarkable, including search results, even after applying filters, sorting, etc.

Things which are gone


We removed the events feature. At one point, we had a vague idea that VegGuide could provide an experience similar to what meetup provides, but that would be a huge amount of work. As it stood, the events feature was not featureful enough to be really useful, and my informal polling suggested most people didn't use it.

Instead, VegGuide will pull the calendar feeds offered by Meetup (and any other relevant site) to display local veg-related meetups. In general, the site should be a better job of finding things you search for.

Home Regions

This fairly minor feature is gone, but may return in a more robust form in the future.