VegGuide Partnership Benefits and Responsibilities

This page describes the responsibilities and benefits of becoming a partner organization. It also provides guidelines for linking and messaging.

What You Get

The most important thing you get is the opportunity to take credit for and promote a great resource for helping people eat fewer animal products. This site exists to help people as they transition towards a plant-based diet, as well as to support existing vegetarians and vegans.

All partner organization's logos are visible on the bottom of every page, and logos are linked to the relevant website. Logos are arranged for aesthetic reasons, depending on the shape and size of each partner's logo.

Our Commitments to Partners

Compassionate Action for Animals is committed to keeping ad-free and not-for-profit. This means that we will never show ads on the site. We will never offer to promote specific entries in exchange for funds. We will never ask users to pay for access to features or data. We do, however, ask users to donate, and those donations (such as they are) come to Compassionate Action for Animals.

The site's source code is licensed under the Artistic License 2.0. This means that the site's source code is freely available for anyone to study, modify, and share. The site's data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States license. Like the source code, all of the site's data is available for study, modification, or sharing. The only exception is personal information about our users, which is not shared with anyone except site admins.

Compassionate Action for Animals is committed to keeping the site's source code and data open and freely available.


The main thing we currently ask of our partner organizations is that they promote where it makes sense. This means linking to it from your website(s) as well as mentioning it in print literature the next time your revise any relevant literature.

Partners are also invited to participate in the governance of the site. This may include decisions about how to promote the site, when to spend money on it, and where that money comes from.

Financial Commitment (there is none)

Being a partner organization requires no financial commitment on your part. The site currently costs approximately $600 per year for hosting, and this cost is paid directly by a donor.

In the future, we may want to raise money to more actively promote the site, pay for design work, hire programmers, etc. By becoming a partner, you can have a voice in how we raise money and how we spend that money.

Joining the Cabal

The Cabal mailing list is the mailing list where we make decisions about the site. The Cabal discusses topics like new partners, site policies, etc. Traffic is currently very low, with just a few messages per month at most. Partner organizations are welcome to have a representative on the list, but this is not required.


When linking to the site, please link to the front page. You may also choose to link to a region listing with entries, like the Twin Cities region. Please don't link to a region that just contains other regions, like North America. This makes for a very confusing first user experience.


We encourage partner organizations to talk about the site as something they own. Say "our online guide to ...". We want your supporters to view the site as part of your advocacy work. Please make it clear that the site is a listing of veg-friendly places, not vegetarian-only places.

The official description of the site, as seen on the front page, is: is a world wide, community-maintained guide to veg-friendly restaurants and shopping.

Please use this description whenever you need a short summary of the site.

When naming the site, you can say either "VegGuide" or "". The latter is a bit more cumbersome, but it includes the entire domain name, which makes it easier for people to find the site, especially if you're having a conversation.

When promoting the site, there are several messaging points to emphasize. First, we want to emphasize that this is a world-wide guide, not just the US or North America. Second, we want to emphasize that is a directory for veg-friendly restaurants and shopping. The goal here is to make it clear that it's not just for 100% veg places, but for any place that helps people reduce their consumption of animal products.

You can mention that the site is ad-free and not-for-profit, and always will be. The site exists to provide value for its users and reduce animal product consumption, not to promote a particular business or organization. Finally, you can talk about how the site is community-maintained, which means that anyone can add new entries, write a review, rate a place, or upload images.

Please make a point of encouraging people to contribute to the site when you talk to them. Adding more contributors to the site makes it that much more useful for everyone.

To learn more about what VegGuide is all about, please see the Philosophy of