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Jan 10 08 - Server Crash Fun

Well, I had thought that our recent server upgrade had gone rather smoothly, but apparently that was not the case. Today, MySQL crashed really hard and wouldn't come back. Fortunately, I'd just dumped the database a few hours earlier, so I was able to restore to a different (hopefully temporary) system, with only minimal data loss.

Things may be slower for a while, and it may take another hour or so to finish copying over all the images, but otherwise I think we'll be ok for now.

Jan 1 08 - VegGuide 3.0

VegGuide 3.0 ("Insert Clever Release Name Here") has just been released, and you're looking at it! There's a bunch of new features and changes, including a new look, much improved search, and more.

Oct 16 07 - 4,000 Entries

Less than a year after reaching 3,000 entries, we've hit 4,000 entries. Number 4,000 was Down to Earth Cafe, added by Gregory.

We also surpassed 4,000 reviews a while back (we're actually above 4,100 now). Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far, we wouldn't be here without you.

Jul 24 07 - Is this good news?

No news, that is. Sorry for the lack of news. I've been working on VegGuide 3.0 for a long time now, and it's starting to coalesce into something pretty cool. In non-vaporware news, we're on track to hit 4,000 entries and 4,000 reviews by the end of the year. Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far.

Dec 18 06 - 3,000 Entries

With Oh Sweet Mama Vegan Bakery VegGuide.Org has hit 3,000 entries, and we're almost at 3,000 reviews as well. This is quite amazing since we hit 2,000 entries at the beginning of 2006. Thanks to everyone who's contributed!

Jan 23 06 - 2,000 Entries

With Blossom VegGuide.Org has hit 2,000 entries, and over 2,000 reviews. The site has sure come a long way since launch several years ago. Thanks to all of our contributors.

May 29 05 - Spell Checking

I love you, users, but you cannot spell. So now submissions will be spell checked and you'll be given a chance to make corrections before the final submission.

My personal favorite misspelling so far, seen from more than one user, was "vegitarian" instead of "vegetarian"!

May 14 05 - Donate Via PayPal

If you look at the footer of the page you'll see a little form you can use to donate to the VegGuide. Donations are tax-deductible (in the US).

Apr 24 05 - Search by Address, not Just Zip!

You can now search for entries in the US by proximity to a given address or intersection, in addition to search for entries near a given zip code.

Just use the "Search" link at the top of the page to check it out.

Apr 16 05 - New Look, CSS layout, and More

As you can probably see, VegGuide.Org is sporting an entirely new look. There are also some new features.

First, the site's layout is now done entirely through CSS. The upside is that this makes it possible to customize the layout for different skins. The downside is that this layout only works in IE6, Mozilla (Firefox), Opera 7, and Safari. If you're using an older version of IE, we recommend that you upgrade to Firefox, or at least upgrade to IE6.

Second, we're starting to experiment with some Javascript-based features. The "Search" link at the top of the page to is one such experiment. The "Refine your search" link on the listings page is another even fancier one. If you don't have Javascript turned on, the site will continue to function, just without some of the flashy bits.

Registered users can now create a personal skin. This lets you play around with redesigning the Guide however you want. Feel free to publish your skin's URL.

There are also many smaller changes, like some graphs on the stats page.

If you experience any layout bugs, please let us know.

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