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Jul 26 08 - New Logo

As you might have noticed, we have a brand new logo for the site. As part of integrating it, I've also tweaked the front page a fair bit, and adjusted various colors around the site so they match the colors in the logo.

Many people have commented how much they disliked the old logo (which was always just a placeholder). Thanks to Derek Coons of MFA for working with the designer.

May 16 08 - Imported

This is the last Mercy For Animals' veg site to import, and doing so adds another couple hundred entries. Thanks, MFA!

Apr 18 08 - Imported

As part of the ongoing work to import all of the data on Mercy For Animals' various veg sites, we've now imported all of their data from This adds several hundred new entries in Illinois.

Mar 29 08 - Data feed from Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals has been a co-sponsor of the VegGuide.Org project since earlier this year. One of the first things we started working on together was importing the data from their veg state/city sites like VegOhio.

This all got very delayed by the server problems earlier this year, but I finally made the first data feed import live, from their site. This adds 262 new entries to the guide, greatly improving our coverage for Ohio.

Thanks to Derek Coons of MFA for working with me on this.

Mar 28 08 - Airports!

As someone who has done a fair bit of traveling, I've always wanted to have listings for airports in the guide. I finally got around to making a few backend changes needed to cleanly support this, and here they are.

Please feel free to add any airports you know about. Please follow the existing naming convention of "ABC - Airport Name", since the three letter code is a quick way to uniquely find and sort airports.

Mar 26 08 - Better Sorting (without chemistry)

Many times over the years folks have noted that the entry listings, when sorted by name, sort things like "The Vegetarian" under "T" rather than "V".

This has finally been fixed! Entries starting with "A ..." or "The ..." will be sorted ignoring that prefix. The only downside is this could in theory be wrong for certain languages, notably French, where "A ..." might be the beginning of something like "A tout le monde".

If you notice any weirdness, please let me know.

Mar 24 08 - Back at Xmission

Well, we finally figured out the problem with our Xen setup at Xmission, and the guide has now moved back to the colo. For the last few months, it was running off of a VMWare image on my desktop, which is about the most ridiculous thing ever.

Mar 3 08 - OpenID Logins

You can now use your OpenID URL to login. However, you'll first need to edit your account and associate that URL with your account. Click on "My account" up top and then click on the "Edit" button.

I still need to make it possible to create a new account with an OpenID and no password though.

Feb 24 08 - Forkup mostly fixed

Thanks to the help of an anonymous friend at Google, I was able to get all of the Google-cached pages for this site. Using that, I restored most of the lost reviews and ratings, as well as fixing the entry creator for the entries I restored earlier. All the images for the lost entries have been restored as well.

However, the email and password for any user account created between Jan 23 and Feb 19 is permanently gone. If you think you should be able to log in but cannot that may be the problem. Check out the list of users affected to see if your username is on the list. If it is, contact me at and I can fix it manually.

Feb 19 08 - Enormous giant forkup

I made a rather huge mistake and irrevocably deleted about one month of data (since January 23). I'm contacting site crawling places like Google to see if they have copies of the pages, which I could use to rebuild the lost entries and reviews.

Update: I managed to restore all the entries added since then by using a cached RSS file. The entries are missing some data, notably localized address & name, as well as the creating user.

The ratings and reviews are still gone. I will be trying to restore those some other way, though feel free to redo them if you want.

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