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Restaurant Indien Gujarat, Paris
35, Bd Paul Vaillant Couturier-93100 Montreuil Sous Bois.,300m á maire de Montreuil,Paris
Montreuil, paris 93100
Presents a kitchen came straight from India, with its flavors and fragrant spices to dishes. Yoghurt Indian specialties to drink, and our special bread and grilled meats cooked in our tandoor (Indian clay oven).The restaurant offers various formulas rating star
0 ratings
Saravana Bhavan
170 Rue du Fauborg Saint-Denis
Paris 75010
South Indian vegetarian rating star
1 rating
Tien Hiang
14 Rue Bichat
paris 75010
Vegetarian chinese rating star
4 ratings
35, Rue Paul Bert
St. Ouen
Jamaican/Rasta vegetarian restaurant and boutique rating star
1 rating

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