San Pedro de Atacama


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Casa de Piedra - San Pedro De Atacama

Estrella Negra - San Pedro De Atacama

La Estaka - San Pedro de Atacama

Todo Natural - San Pedro De Atacama

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The color coding for veg-friendliness is used for restaurants, groceries, bars, food court/street vendors, general stores, and lodging.

  • Restaurant (100% vegan)
  • Restaurant (100% vegetarian)
  • Restaurant (vegan-friendly)
  • Restaurant (vegetarian-friendly)
  • Restaurant (not veg-friendly)
  • Grocery
  • Caterer
  • Organization
  • Coffee Shop/Juice Bar
  • Bar
  • General Store
  • Food Court/Street Vendor
  • Lodging (B&B, Hostel)
  • Other