Idaho Falls

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Krung Thep Thai
366 Shoup Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
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Oct 6 11

Sad status for Id. Falls, as there is no Pita Pit anymore (if my comment's not dated, that is as of October 2011). There's not much else vegan or vegetarian friendly (cheese is made with rennet from veal stomachs, so everyone says you can eat cheese when you're vegetarian, but it's really still not...), but check the web for resources listing what the chain restaurants here have in their food and what is veg'n friendly. Otherwise, you can try your chances with something local, hope they are understanding, and go from there. I do know blue hashi does one type of veggie roll, but that's pretty much it for them, besides the fact that you may be able to request and find something vegan from something like Happy's or Thai House - they seem to be a little more understanding, I believe, because vegetarians are more common in their home countries.......... anyways just a thought. I haven't gone out in months and months now because of being vegan and really feeling finicky about cross-contamination but I might as well try and hope others can be there with me.

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