Entries in South Plainfield

Nanking - Vegan-Friendly
Chinese, Thai, & Indian; a number of veg items (many vegan)
4941 Stelton Rd., Hadley Center, Hadley Center, South Plainfield, New Jersey 908-561-6085
Daily: ?
Rajdhani - Vegetarian
Indian cuisine, vegetarian, with many vegan options, and there is a buffet which is always available and most of the many dishes in the buffet are vegan
3600 Park Avenue, South Plainfield, New Jersey 908-222-9799
Daily: ?
Saigon Restaurant - Vegan-Friendly
Vietnamese; approx. 5 veg entrees (most vegan)
2239 S. Clinton Ave., South Plainfield, New Jersey 908-561-9085
Daily: ?