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Aroma Fine Chinese Cuisine
318 Washington St.
Hoboken, NJ
vegan-friendly Chinese rating star
1 rating
Casual Thai
1006 Washington
Hoboken, NJ
vegan-friendly Thai restaurant rating star
1 rating
Hummus Bar
630 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
vegan-friendly hummus and falafel rating star
1 rating
Mamoun's Falafel
502 Washington Ave
Hoboken, NJ
Famous NYC Falafel rating star
1 rating

Comments about Hoboken

Image for Cass Danger Cass Danger
May 8 11

The main stretch of Hoboken, where most restaurants are located is along Washington Ave, between 1st and 12th streets, near the PATH train. There are MANY vegan-friendly restaurants along here, some of which aren't remarkable enough to list on here, but they certainly have enough vegan food. Between 1st and 12th, there are probably 4 Chinese restaurants, 3 Japanese restaurants, 3 Indian restaurants, 4 falafel/hummus restaurants, 3 Mexican restaurants, and tons of Italian restaurants. Way too many to list individually on VegGuide (and many not offering sufficiently unique vegan options to justify adding them here) but just know that you won't have difficulty finding food. Most restaurants have menus listed in the windows so you can check what they have before going in.

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