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Duluth, Minnesota


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Duluth's co-op carries all of the typical stuff you find at the co-ops in Minneapolis. It's a little smaller, but there's a very good variety of vegan cheeses, meat substitutes, and such.

When I've been there, the deli has always had a vegan option or two on their hot bar. They also usually have a cold salad or sandwich ready to go in the cooler. I ordered a falafel sandwich from the deli counter recently and was not impressed. I waited a really long time considering there was only one order ahead of mine. I asked to substitute hummus or tahini for the yogurt sauce it usually comes with and was charged extra, which I always find annoying. The sandwich itself wasn't very good either. The falafel was more of a garbanzo paste than what you would get at most falafel places.

I'm happy to have a good co-op to shop at while I'm here, but I think I'll avoid the deli from now on.

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Whole Foods is just always yum. The only gross thing I had there was a almond chai latte (it wasn't sweet AT ALL!) I love their veggie soups, and of course all the vegan options in the store itself. Their vegan baked goods are also fun!

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We were never here when the hot menus were available, but they looked good. We were able to score some great goodies, though, like muffins (really good), and cookies from the 'after hours deli' section I guess you could call it. Home made brownie or chocolate cake in the cooler section was also good. If we spent more time here we could have found a bunch more things I'm guessing. They were a decent co-op and I found things here they don't sell other places so we spent some time browsing the aisles even though we didn't NEED anything else at the time. Worthwhile, as we stopped here at least 3 times on our vacation for a dessert fix.

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Best place for prices when grocery shopping for vegan substitutions, produce selection is often good. Deli and hot bar usually have some vegan options. Good place to make a salad. For vegans regularly cooking at home the hot bar and deli are good in a pinch but not worth the $$$ for regular visits as quality and availability vary. More options for vegetarians. Luckily, since it is a market you can always find something!

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In my opinion, this is the best place in town to get vegan food. You can buy pretty much everything vegan, and their vegan cheeses are actually pretty good. I especially like their giant vegan muffins - there's usually a different flavor every day.

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It's a beautiful co-op with vegan grocery selections not be found everywhere. I discovered and became addicted to figs while shopping here. The staff are friendly and helpful.

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This is a pretty comprehensive co-op with a wide range of bulk foods, vegan packaged goods (including hemp ice cream), and best of all, a hot bar and deli area with some vegan options. Duluth doesn't have too many places where you can get labeled vegan food, but this is one of them.

I had a falafel wrap ($8) from the deli, which can be made vegan by substituting the garlic aioli instead of the yogurt sauce. It was decent, but not great. The whole thing was lacking salt, and the falafel was a bit too soft (I like it crunchy). Also, using a tortilla wrap instead of pita made the thing basically a glorified veggie wrap, more than anything else.

My friend got some stuff from the hot bar, such as the pilaf, tempeh and a citrus bbq tofu ($7.99 per pound). There weren't too many vegan offerings other than those. From what I tasted, it was all pretty bland again, and needed salt and pepper, at the very least.

We finished things off with a slice of chocolate raspberry cake ($2.99), which was decent, but a bit dry.

All in all this is a solid co-op and fills a great niche in Duluth. The hot bar/deli foods need a bit more variety by way of vegan options, and also needs a flavor boost, but I'm still glad it's around.

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Awesome Co-op. They have tons of great organic veggies and fruits, as well as a great bulk foods section where you can pick up granola, pasta, and almost anything else you'd want in bulk. It's a large co-op where you can pick up everything you need to keep yerself fed.

Not to be missed!

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This co-op is beautiful. I wish I could shop there all the time, but I don't live in Duluth.
Look in the deli case for the macrobiotic and vegan Thai dumplings. Yummmm. Also, their falafel is delicious.
I found Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows in the refrigerator case, too. They were a delightful and unexpected find!
I noticed a bunch of other vegan deli options, but didn't have room in my tummy to try them all!

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Recently decided to check out this Co-Op as we visit Duluth often. The selection in the produce and grocery is pretty decent. We were not impressed with the offerings in the deli / salad bar area in the terms of items available for vegans. There was not even a vegan safe salad dressing at the salad bar (other than improvising a vinaigrette with the available oil and red vinegar). A lot of the "home-made" cookies looked great, but all had eggs and the one without egg had honey. All in all slightly disappointing if wanting to eat as vegan, otherwise some of the vegetarian stuff looked good.

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Lots of useful vegan items, although a bit more pricey than in the metro. The down side: most of the vegan items we sampled from the deli were um bad. Although the muffins and the tempeh salad were not bad. At least you can sample items before you buy from the deli.

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Love the new store! Great selection, customer service and plenty of vegan and vegetarian items!!!

Love the deli and salad bar too.

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