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Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Cupcake shop with some vegan offerings


Offers vegan cupcakes. There is always chocolate and on the weekends there are 2 flavors. Special orders are also available ahead of time.

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The moment I walked through the doors of The Cupcake Station, I was hit by a cakey, battery, frosty aroma that almost knocked me off of my feet. I was immediately greeted, but there was a line, so I was not serviced right away. The wait did not bother me, because I was too busy looking at the beautiful cupcakes in the display case, the catchy t-shirts for sell, and the fun yet elegant cupcake artwork that hung on the wall. And when it was my turn to order, it was my lucky day. They were having a sell: buy two, get one free. So, I bought two, and got one free of course. Overall, the atmosphere was great, the aroma even better, and the service was excellent. The only downfall was that they did not have enough vegan variety in the store. They have more variety for order, but not in the store. They only had Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes with vanilla or mocha frosting. I would have loved to try their Red Velvet Cupcake. Yum!

Talk about rich. Talk about flavor. Talk about Vabulous. When I entered The Cupcake Station, I was greeted with two options. The chocolate cupcake with vegan buttercream frosting or the chocolate cupcake with vegan mocha frosting. Who was I to choose? I tried both. Now, I am usually not a fan of chocolate, because it can go really wrong, really fast. Chocolate done right deserves the utmost position in the flavor hierarchy. But chocolate done fast, cheap, and wrong does not even deserve a place on the table. The Cupcake Station's Chocolate Vegan Cupcake, my friends, is chocolate done right. Moist, rich, savory. For those of you who do not enjoy a powerful flavor punch, keep a glass of milk nearby.

The Buttercream frosting tasted very vanilla, and I thought I saw vanilla bean seeds throughout. It complimented the chocolate at all the right moments, like the perfect gentlemen on a perfect first date. Love at first . . . taste. I will be back for more.

The Mocha frosting was not my favorite. I will not be purchasing it again. It packed a powerful coffee taste and aroma with a pinch of caramel, which would be great if I liked that type of thing. I am the type of girl who likes a little coffee with my cream. It over powered me. Not only was it too strong for my taste, but it also had a scorched overtone. It was like burnt toast when you scrap off the black, but you can still taste it.

Addendum: I attempted the mocha frosting again and it was actually tasty the second time around. Before I said that it had a scorched overtone. I believe firmly that something was scorched in the batch. This tasting everything was fresh, flavorful, but not overwhelming. I would actually buy it again! Rating for the mocha frosting up from a 1 to a 3. The only reason I tried it again with a 1 rating is because the vegan selection in the store for individual retail is limited.

Overall, I love The Cupcake Station. There is no doubt that I will be returning and I can not wait to try more of their vegan flavors.

I have to say, I could live at The Cupcake Station. Boosting great customer service, It is like a friend's house that is always filled with the aroma of baked goods. Where there are always cookies in the jar, a cake on the stand, and a pie in the oven. That is why it saddens me to say that I did not like the Red Velvet cupcake. I was expecting so much, and it left much to be desired.

The first bite, I tasted nothing but the vanilla buttercream frosting. Which taste great, but as cute as frosting is, I am not a fan of it. I started to get scared, because if the flavor of the cupcake could not shine through a little frosting, that said something. On the second bite, without frosting, I could taste a little bit of cocoa. Then, I was distracted by the texture of the cupcake. Moist, but a little too moist, mushy if you will. It had no structure, no "chew". On the third bite, I tasted nothing at all. : (

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