Electric Earth

Madison, Wisconsin

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Coffee shop with vegan baked goods

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

Offers vegan cookies and a couple of veganizable sandwiches, along with other standard coffee shop fare.

Added by conde.kedar on Aug 20 09 (last updated Oct 9 09)

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Electric Earth is just barely on the West side of Madison which doesn't have as many vegan options as the East side of town. So I'm glad that they're around and that they offer a couple of vegan sandwiches and some vegan baked goods.

That said this place is, at the end of the day, your standard generic independent coffee shop: brightly painted walls, random retro furniture, free wi-fi and nothing in particular that you couldn't get at any other coffee joint in any other college or major town in the country.

I had a "tofu you" sandwich ($7.25) and a cup of loose-leaf Darjeeling tea ($2). Kudos to them for having loose-leaf tea, even though they commit the cardinal sin of offering Oregon-brand as their only chai. Too many independent coffee shops refuse to go the extra step of making their own chai; instead they rely on those awful tetrapak cartons of Oregon chai, which is disgusting and not worth the oil it took to package and ship it.

The sandwich was okay; it consisted of baked tofu slabs with tomato, lettuce, olives and a thick, spicy tomato-garlic sauce, but was poorly constructed and not hot (temperature wise) enough. Also, the bread wasn't toasted, which seemed like a major oversight. It wasn't a good value on a whole.

I passed on the vegan cookies which looked old and stale. Maybe I came on an off-day.

In any case, Electric Earth has lots of room for improvement, namely by making their own chai and by improving their sandwiches and vegan baked good freshness. I wouldn't go out of my way to come here, but if nothing else downtown were open, this is a decent enough spot.

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