Stack'd Burger Bar

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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I'm really happy with how vegan-friendly this place is and how knowledgeable the staff is. I wouldn't say they have a TON of vegan options, but they didn't stop at just having a veggie burger w/ cheese and soy cheese w/ whey, they made sure they are vegan.

I ordered my food to go so I didn't get to appreciate the ambiance but the bar and restaurant seemed really nice. They were spacious w/ a good feel to them, whatever that means. The woman who took my call was very nice and helpful regarding ingredients and plugged my order in a few ways to see which way it would be cheapest.

I ordered the homemade black bean burger w/ vegan cheddar on the pretzel bun. It was alright but I didnt' think it was great. The burger seemed too thick to get any sort of benefit from a quick minute on the grill. My food sat in my car for like 45 minutes before I ate it so that probably didn't help its flavor, but the food itself seemed to lack flavor. Nothing was wrong w/ it, it just didnt' have much dimension. I got the burger w/ potato wedges, which were good but were sort of a small order. That said, the burger was huge and the both items together were only $9.

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Loved the sleek modern atmosphere inside and the patio was surprisingly large for Milwaukee. Really great waitress Saturday for lunch. The portabella fries for an app. came with this really unique and tasty asian sesame dipping sauce and was perfect for two. We had the vegan black bean burger with vegan cheese (cheddar style) and a really creamy vegan mayo. The burger itself was pretty thick and grilled well (I think it could have used a little more spice) it also had avocado on it which was unique but I wasn't crazy about it. The bun was really plain and boring and I would prolly try their pretzel bun next time instead. Meal came with a stack of thick cut fries that were better then average and weren't over done... there were prolly only 8 fries total but that was plenty.

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