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This place has one vegan frozen soy yogurt and then you can modify it with a variety of toppings. I got a junior size cup (~$3) and added dark chocolate shavings and strawberries for another $1.50.

For the record, the junior size cup is perfect size. I can't imagine how people could possibly consume more frozen yogurt in a single sitting.

I thought it was pretty good, but not perfect. The yogurt might have been slightly too sweet, but the toppings were great and the cup came together on a whole.

Given the rarity of vegan soft-serve, I like that frozen yogurt offers an alternative. If Fraiche had some more vegan flavors (how about chocolate?) I'd give it another star.

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Fraiche has only one flavor of soy frozen yogurt (plain) but there are many delicious vegan toppings to choose from: fruits, nuts, maple syrup, dark chocolate shavings... I ended up ordering mine with dark chocolate shavings and it was delicious! The soy frozen yogurt was very smooth and creamy and the server was quite generous with the toppings.

The only slightly off-putting part about Fraiche is that they have a bunch of signs around the store that talk about all of the health benefits of eating (dairy) yogurt. As a vegan, I tend to disagree with some of the claims.

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