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I took my mom here for dinner and we both thoroughly enjoyed this place. We were a bit confused by the menu, as the "pizza and wine" pairing didn't indicate that the $21 was per person, and not for two people. As I don't drink, I asked the waiter if I could get something in place of the wine and he said I could have an extra appetizer. He was being so accommodating and kept adding things we could "have" but then we found out that the special was per person, which we weren't interested in. He said to not worry about it and that he would still bring us a lot of stuff. He hadn't yet placed the order so he could have canceled it so he was being really nice.

We tried both the bruschetta and hummus appetizers, the former being a little bland (basically just tomatoes and basil in a bowl), and the latter being outstanding (some of the best hummus I've ever had, topped with tons of kalamata olives). We tried the taste of India pizza w/ yucca cheese, which was good--very unique and tasty, but I think chickpeas are a little hearty for a pizza topping; the pesto pizza with rice cheese (which was fabulous), and the bruschetta pizza w/ soy cheese, which was probably our favorite.

I will definitely be back here because the service was excellent and the pizzas were very original and tasty. When our waiter was telling me about the yucca cheese, which I had never heard of, I asked for a sample and he brought me a small bowl with about 1/4 cup of shredded cheese to try! Very nice. We sampled a little bit then sprinkled it on top of the other pizzas.

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