Noodle Bowl Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Feb 3 12

2647 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Veg-friendly Vietnamese with unusual selections

Noodle Bowl is a veg-friendly Vietnamese restaurant with a number of vegan options you won't find elsewhere. Some of their more unique dishes include Tofu with Chinese Broccoli or Mock Duck in Scallion Ginger Sauce.

They also have familiar standards including spring rolls, Vietnamese noodle salads, and vegan pho.

Added by Dave Rolsky on Aug 9 09 (last updated May 15 12)

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I enjoyed the seaweed spring rolls and a dish I ordered that wasn't on the menu. The service was friendly and fast, and the prices were great. The dish I had was not as interesting as I was expecting, but it was reliable. I'll go back.

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Noodle Bowl has a large vegetarian section on their menu and I was pleased that they don't consider fish sauce to be vegetarian. Most of the dishes are very simple (tofu with one other ingredient, or mock duck with one other ingredient).

I had a "fried tofu with chives and bean sprouts" ($8) which was good, but not great. I think it needed a lot more spice (fortunately there's some chili oil on each table) and also could have used a bit of ginger to add some zing; as it stood, the tofu was nicely fried (though they skimped on the amount of tofu) and I appreciate any dish with chives, because you don't see them often enough.

The dish could have used one other vegetable (carrots? bamboo shoots?) to give it some color and break the monotony of the chive-bean sprout-tofu holy trinity.

I was also disappointed, as I always am, by places that don't offer brown rice as an option. Unfortunately, Noodle Bowl is one of them.

The prices are good, with pretty much every dish in the $7-9 range.

The service was friendly, if a bit slow, even with a lack of other customers. The air conditioning wasn't working so it was nice that they kept my glass of ice water filled.

All in all, Noodle Bowl is a nice alternative on Nicollet, though in terms of taste and quality, I'd still prefer either Jasmine Deli or Jasmine 26.

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Eat Street


Just north of the 27th & Nicollet intersection.


Wheelchair Accessible


$$ - average


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  • Vietnamese


  • Large Group-Friendly
  • Quiet



10am - 9pm
10am - 6pm

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