Bonne Sante

Chicago, Illinois


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For a small store, Bonne Sante really has a really impressive selection. They have more flavors of Chicago Soydairy than any of the Wholefoods stores that I have visited in Chicago and they also have a really good selection of (vegan!) soy cheese. The carryout food that they sell at the refrigerated case at the front of the store is really great also. They usually have tofu "chicken" wings, taco salad, seitan sloppy joes, vegan pizza wraps, seitan ruben sandwiches and some macrobiotic meals.

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The previous poster is correct on that it is a small store. They do have a nice selection of organic toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, etc. I found one that is a bit better closer to me.

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This place has a decent selection, but it's quite a small store. I tend to go there more for shampoo and lotion than for groceries. It's useful if you live in or near Hyde Park, but probably not worth the trip otherwise.

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