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Chicago, Illinois


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The stir-fry is wonderful, with a choose-your-veggies selection that includes some really great stuff such as chinese eggplant, bok choy and various mushrooms.

Everything is stir-fried in a vegan mushroom broth and you can get either tofu or veggies in a kung pao, sesame ginger, teriyaki or spicy BBQ sauce.

Sushi was also available, though there was only one vegan roll. The juice bar is delicious, serving up fresh juice from a variety of fruits and veggies.

Food Life is a really great place to find vegan food in the Loop -- but be prepared to cough up some cash -- the stir-fry can set you back $7 - $9 for one bowl, and sushi started at $6.50.

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They have a juice bar, which I appreciate since I'm trying to be healthy, though it's so hard with all the delicious looking food stations! I wish they didn't put yogurt in the smoothies, but at least the juices are vegan, and they offer a lot of boosts, like spirulina and flax.

I had the vegetable soup (vegan) and it was very good. In all, it seemed a little overpriced, but not too bad. And there aren't that many vegan options at the food stations, though the stir fry station does offer a vegan mushroom based broth.

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As others said, it's all in what you order. It's almost guaranteed to be overpriced, but that's to be expected in Water Tower Place. However, the selection is fantastic and I've had some really tasty and surprisingly healthy meals here.

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The key to having an enjoyable experience at FoodLife is in what you order. If you get the bottomless bowl of creamless tomato soup, you'll find that your $5 are stretched very far (last time I went, I had four bowls of the stuff). Also, the drinks are unlimited free refills (including the exotic iced teas). In short, if you're not under a time constraint and can take advantage of the refills then this place isn't a bad deal. The creamless tomato soup is the best I've had anywhere.

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The food is decent, but not great. The main problem with this place is that it's way too expensive. I wouldn't eat there again unless I was starving and somehow stranded in Water Tower Place.

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