Food for the Planet

Ithaca & Finger Lakes, New York

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All vegan catering


Vegan catering company. Formerly ran a vegan restaurant, which opened in Ithaca in July 2009 and closed October 30, 2010. Offers eclectic American, European and Mexican foods including burgers, frittata, quesadillas, cheesecake and brunch foods as well.

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Excellent!!!!! Food For the Planet seemed to stuble last year but after a staffing change this may be the best Veg restaurant in Upstate NY! Prices are on par with every veg place in the area but with higher quality organic, locally grown ingredients. I have yet to have anything there that didn't kick-ass.

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I'm not going back. I predict they will be closed in a month unless they radically change the portion sizes of their dinners. The "simply delicious" dinner was nothing more than a measly portion of brown rice, black beans and kale. We were charged $10 for that. Why skimp on brown rice and beans? The salad ($4) was a mini-plate with a tiny drizzling of dressing. Was that supposed to be sheik? I had the collard wrap entrée: 2 pieces... it qualified as an appetizer. The raw lasagna was definitely the size of an appetizer. I just couldn't believe what they were charging for such a tiny amount of food. After dinner (which did nothing more than wet my appetite) I was sure the dessert portions would be small, so I asked, and the waitress used her fingers to show that a piece of cheesecake was about 2 inches wide at the end. It should have been TWICE that size. I didn't order one. We looked over at the next table and saw the KIDS menu was giving bigger portions than the adult menu! If you are hungry, this place is not for you! When will someone admit that The King Has No Clothes! 4 people, $70 plus $14 tip, and I went out afterwards to get some food... No, I'm not going back.

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  • American
  • Mexican
  • Eclectic (Varied)


  • (Mostly) Organic
  • Brunch



11am - 2pm
11am - 2pm;
5pm - 8:30pm
10am - 2pm;
5pm - 8:30pm

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