Swirlz Cupcakes

Chicago, Illinois


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I discovered this place when I noticed they were a sponsor for Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals in Chicago. Very cool!

I like Swirlz better than Fritz for two reasons:

  • They advertise their vegan cupcakes!

I am so sick of stealth vegan cupcakes like you find at Fritz or most of the other bakeries in Chicago. Most places in Chicago have vegan cupcakes but they are afraid to advertise them b/c people still think vegan baked goods taste crappy. That's not helping the cause. The way bakeries make vegan cupcakes now, they taste better than regular cupcakes. At a minimum, Fritz and other bakeries need to put a sign on the counter that says "We have Vegan baked goods! Just ask." And they should put out samples of the vegan cupcakes. Or label them "the new vegan" cupcake. Vegan baked goods taste awesome now and if our bakeries aren't going to get the word out, who is?

  • So many vegan flavors!

They only have one vegan flavor each day so you have to be a regular to sample them all. Vegan vanilla, vegan chocolate peanut butter, vegan double chocolate, vgn vanilla on chocolate, vgn red velvet and vgn chocolate banana! That'll keep me coming back.

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rating star

Swirlz is an upscale cupcake shop that offers one vegan option daily. They're not terribly innovative flavors, though I'm amazed that the vegan cupcakes are also gluten-free.

I had a vanilla cupcake (~$3) which was super soft and moist. I couldn't tell it was vegan and I definitely couldn't tell it was gluten-free.

The frosting was okay, but had the slightest salty taste which detracted from its appeal.

If Swirlz had more vegan flavors and loose-leaf teas, I'd be here often. As it stands, it's a good place to grab a high-grade cupcake and slightly edges out Bleeding Heart Bakery in terms of quality and taste. That said, Fritz Pastry has the best vegan cupcake in the city.

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