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Temptation vegan ice cream is the only soy ice cream I have found that doesn't have a bad aftertaste. I'm so glad that it is starting to crop up on the East Coast (at Whole Foods stores). Losing Chicago Soy Dairy products was one of the saddest parts about moving out of Chicago. My favorite flavor is Peach Cobbler, but they're all pretty good.

For the record, if you can get your hands on Chicago soydairy soy milk (which is considerably harder to find), it is one of the few soy milks that I have found that is creamy enough to make a good foam on coffee drinks.

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Way to go guys! Temptation ice cream is where it's at. Vegan - fair trade - organic - small business. It gets no better than this. The cookie dough seems to be the most popular but I'm a big fan of the peach cobbler.

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Best frozen dessert. Period. Don't have to be vegan to enjoy this! I also even saw it at lollapalooza this year! Great treat for a hot day!

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Great stuff!

You can get their "Tempations" brand soy ice cream at Whole Foods these days. My favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, but since it's so popular it's become very hard to get a hold of.

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