Baba's Village

Chicago, Illinois


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The food was so-so. There was nothing wrong with it, but it was pretty bland. The mock meat was mediocre, and the service was ok. What makes it special is that it's an Indian place with a selection of mock meats.

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Great place to go for lunch if you work downtown! This place is a big hit with everyone at my office. The mock meats are very tasty.

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Baba's Village is one of only five or six Indian restaurants nation-wide to offer vegan mockmeats. Thanks to Mercy For Animals for making this restaurant so vegan-friendly and unusual.

I had a vegan chicken jalfrezi ($9.70 with tax). There were six other specifically vegan dishes in a separate section on the menu (Baba's also has a traditional Indian vegetarian section on the menu).

It was basically a standard North Indian curry with mixed vegetables. Baba's doesn't offer brown rice so I settled for white. The food tasted okay and was more than edible, but didn't really stand out. Also, I'm not sure what type of vegan chicken they're using, but it wasn't that great---it was weirdly fluffy and chewy. It definitely wasn't Gardein or Morningstar, which have great textures. I would have preferred fried tofu over this "chicken." Next time I'll try their vegan beef option to see if that's better.

The portion size of the food is really small considering the price. This meal won't be enough for left-overs and is only a single-serving.

This restaurant caters to office workers, so it's more of a take-out joint or a quick-service place. It's not exactly atmospheric and I wouldn't come here with a date.

At least the food is presented well, though. While they give you your order on a plastic cafeteria tray, the food is at least on proper ceramic plates, as opposed to styrofoam. This is a nice touch.

All in all, Baba's Village is an above-average vegan-friendly option for downtown Chicago. That said, I think there's better Indian food to be had elsewhere in Chicago (Hema's Kitchen comes to mind).

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