Plum Bistro

Seattle, Washington


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Plum is a small, high-quality, all-vegan restaurant in the Capitol Hill area. It may not be as well-known as Millennium or Horizon, but the food is arguably at the same level and the prices are a little more reasonable. For $40, I was able to enjoy a delicious meal of rum-infused horchata, chai-flavored yam, walnut and green apple bruschetta and a seitan apple sage "steak" served with okra and fried onions. The seitan "steak" was juicy and succulent. It may well have been the best "steak" that I've had in the 15 years that I've been a vegetarian. The rum-infused horchata was pure genius - it was like a White Russian, but made with delicious horchata instead of Kahlua and milk.

The portions at Plum were fairly generous for an upscale restaurant, so I didn't wind up ordering a dessert. I did overhear the waitress explaining the dessert menu to the table next to mine, and I was a little disappointed with the offerings: coconut gelato or apple cinnamon crepes. The desserts apparently change every day, so there might have been more exciting options if I had visited on a different night. It's important to note that the menu advertised on Plum's website is much smaller than the actual dinner menu at Plum. For example, there were at least three different types of bruschetta available on the night that I visited, including a pear and quinoa-topped bruschetta that sounded delicious.

Plum is, by far, the best vegan restaurant that I have visited in some time. I strongly recommend it to anyone visiting the Seattle area!

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Ok, I'm a vegan "foodie" and am shocked that I never heard of Plum before. EXCELLENT. Not in Horizon or Millenium's league but a really great restaurant. So happy I found it on Vegguide's list during my recent trip to Seattle.They make mock white russians and really have a done a great job on the creativity front. I ordered a few items from their appetizer menu. The sliders were awesome. Great location and perfect atmosphere. Will recommend!

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