Blossoming Lotus

Portland, Oregon


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Stopped in while in town upon a recommendation from a friend. We really enjoyed it and the service was friendly.

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Really loved this place! The food was so tasty and creative. I shared several dishes with my nonvegan friend and we enjoyed everything The service was friendly.

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Food is overpriced and not the great...I have given this place several chances and I leave disappointed.

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Awesome restaurant! Been here more times than I can remember. Their staff are polite, respectfully, and knowledgeable. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SERVING YOU! It was the restaurant that helped make me decide I want to be vegan. Their food prepared well and rich flavor. It fills you up whether you are vegan or not. I've taken A LOT of none vegan friends there and everyone says that they enjoyed their food. I really can't say anything wrong about Blossoming Lotus.

Dishes to try.
Sampler is always good for a first timer.
Falafel Wrap is good for a good lunch.
Love the stir fry.
My two favorites are the live nachos, and quesadillas.

As I said before, I highly recommend this place.

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I have recently converted to vegan and my husband is still a work in progress but we went to Blossoming Lotus and it was EXCELLENT for an inexperienced couple. He had the lasagna and I had the live pasta and we had appetizers as well. It was delicious! The place has a nice feeling and there was a very long line while we were there as well.

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I am giving it a high rating because the food is all vegan, it's organic, and pretty healthy. But I am not fond of raw food; I'm not prejudiced against it; it's more that I didn't like most things I tried and I find it expensive and the portions are usually small. I do like the cooked food at Blossoming Lotus though. And the place looks nice and it's fairly conveniently located (on two bus lines; you can also walk from Lloyd Center to it in about 10-15 min).

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