The House

Little Rock, Arkansas


rating star

The staff was very friendly! Once the waiter learned he was serving a vegan, he went out of his way to inform the chef on what was vegan. He made sure that there was no cheese, and even checked the guacamole for mayonnaise. Super server.

Food was fantastic. It's true there aren't a lot of vegan options on the menu. But this is ARKANSAS! Home of the butter and all things fried! The sweet potato fries were delicious, as well as their accompaniment: the curry ketchup!

Will go back, for sure.

rating star

There's about 2 things on the menu that are vegan. The curry bowl w/ eggplant and the vegan burger. However, the vegan burger isn't served on a vegan bun so request the focaccia bread. The fries are pretty stellar and some of the salads are good but you'll have to ask for them all without croutons or cheese.

rating star

This is not a very friendly vegan restaurant at all. I ordered the vegan burger and received the turkey burger and the waiter insisted that the burger was their vegan burger. I had to tell him that I refused to eat it before he would even take it back to the kitchen to verify. Sure enough it was the turkey burger. He offered to bring out a vegan burger but by then my companions had finished their meal and I'd lost my appetite. He even wanted to charge me for that turkey burger! I had to have the owner remove the charge.

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