Bubba Burger

Kaua'i, Hawaii


rating star

I enjoyed a tasty Taro Burger here with my companion. It says "island grown and vegan" but beware: "everything" on the burger includes lettuce, tomato and mayo-so skip the mayo if you're vegan. I have not tried the fries yet, but I might.

The Taro Burger is tasty but weird. It has a crispy, formed shape, but when you bite into the burger, it's not solid all the way through like a veggie burger. I liked it. Expect to take twice as long to wait for your veg burger, as an FYI.

This is a fast food burger stand. Taro and Veggie burgers cooked on same surface as meat. The onion rings have milk in them and the fries are probably cooked in the same oil as meat products, though I didn't ask or have fries during my meal.

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