Mellow Mushroom

Savannah, Georgia


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Love their Thai Dye pizza -- vegan style.

Make sure to ask for no parmesean on crustas Mellow Mushroom is known for this feature.

Delish pizza w soy cheese and a sweet red pepper sauce on top.

The "White Rabbit" is also good but not nearly as good as the Thai Dye.

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rating star

Really Really good vegan pizza. These guys get it they were super with service, had great seating outside, and were timely with our order. Also you can build your own pizza but make sure you ask for it "vegan" (since they usually put butter on the crust) also the pesto has parmesan cheese in it so stick to the red pizza sauce. Your server will know how to make it for you as long as you tell him you want it vegan though. Although they don't have vegan cheese I didn't miss it and actually prefer my vegan pizza without cheese now. They have tons of toppings including tofu, bbq tofu and tempeh.

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