Kayak Kafe

Savannah, Georgia


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Really tasty and fresh vegan/veg options, which are hard to find in this fried food mecca. I had tofu tacos and they were every bit of awesome. If I lived here, I would eat here every day!

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I was relieved to find this place as food in Savannah is expensive and there seems to be no real vegetarian food in town and only one health food store. The prices are reasonable at Kayak and I ordered a vegetarian salad, which was large and so fresh and carefully prepared that I was in heaven. There aren't a ton of vegetarian choices, but there are a few and staff couldn't have been friendlier or more accommodating. Everything about the experience was very relaxed and positive and the location is right in the center of downtown on the main shopping street. The website doesn't have all the menu options and didn't say that dinner is offered, as this is recent, but we heard it mentioned and got lucky by stopping by to check out the place.

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Disappointed that there was no coffee at this "kafe". They used the silken tofu for the dishes... which is not the kind you should cook like that with. Not great, just mediocre. Again the staff acted like they were high and by that I mean lousy service.

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