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Duluth, Minnesota


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I was pleasantly surprised by this place. They had a lot of vegan options on the menu that were easily marked, and the food was really good. They also have a lot of organic and local ingredients on the menu, which I appreciate.

We got the vegan huevos rancheros and a vegan quesadilla. Instead of replacing the eggs with tofu, they use polenta. Both dishes were a bit spicy (in a good way) and had a lot of flavor. I can't wait to go back and try more dishes!

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The Duluth Grill was surprisingly vegan-friendly for a mom and pop place in northern Minnesota. There are several interesting vegan options, all of which are clearly labeled. The servers are knowledgable about what goes into the food and happy to answer any questions.

I had the Vegan Omelette and Red Flannel Hash. The hash was pretty standard and my two-year-old loved it. The omelette was really creative. It was filled with a variety of vegetables and beans and topped with some of the best guacamole and salsa verde I've ever had. The garbanzo flour omelette itself was flavorful, but a little dry. I'm looking forward to trying more of their vegan menu items.

The environment is what you'd expect from a typical up north diner with a splash of fun art on the walls. It has a small town feel to it, and the tables are arranged in such a way that we ended up striking up a conversation with the woman sitting next to us.

The owners are committed to sustainability. The coffee is rainforest certified, they grow a lot of their own veggies (check out the garden!), and they give food leftover at the end of the day to needy folks in the area.

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First off, I want to thank VegGuide.org for directing me to the Duluth Grill!!

When we arrived, we were convinced we had the wrong place; in fact we almost left the parking lot (it didn't help that googlemaps was telling us it was a bit more up the road). My girlfriend said "are you sure? this place looks like a Shoney's," but after double checking, we were eager to go inside. Looking back, the unassuming atmosphere is part of its charm and helps to expose many new faces to sustainable/organic/veg eating. It's also RIGHT off the freeway, making it a convenient place to stop if you are just passing though.

We ordered the garbanzo omelet that has been raved about on this site. It was pretty good, with heaping plops of guacamole and salsa on top. It also came with a delicious bed of sauteed kale. Our server asked if we wanted the omelet with fruit, mentioning that it usually came with fruit, so we said ok. Then we discovered we were charged for the fruit (but that was actually included with the menu price. So if you only want an omelet and want to save a dollar, reject the fruit). That said, the fruit was fresh and delicious. We also got the lettuce wrap appetizer, made with bibb lettuce, roasted red peppers, avocado, and curried polenta cubes, served with cilantro lime vinaigrette. They were fantastic, but far from wrapped, so basically be prepared to eat a bibb leaf salad. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe both entrees were also gluten-free if you care about that. We were asked by at least 5 different people, including the cook, how we were enjoying our meal, so they obviously care about your experience. We got all that for about $20 and had plenty left over for our breakfast, so it was a pretty good deal.

We went back the next day and tried the huevos rancheros prepared vegan. I was a little disappointed to see that the vegan version didn't have any substitute for the cheese or eggs (I was expecting more given the fact that they make a vegan omelet). So the "huevos" was just beans, veggies and tortilla chips atop a bed of hash browns; a classic and unfortunate case of what I call the "vegan tax," but we did seem to get a lot of extra salsa and guacamole, so perhaps that is how they made up for it.

Overall, we obviously were happy enough to go back, and still have every intention of going back next time we are up that way to try the vegan sorbet which both times we were too stuffed to sample.

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Duluth Grill offers a number of vegan options clearly labeled on the menu. The vegan omelet features a chickpea "omelet" stuffed with veggies, black beans, and hominy corn topped with guacamole, green chile salsa and nutritional yeast. There are several vegan side options including hashbrowns and red flannel hash (beets, sweet potatoes & onions with thyme.) The omelet is a huge, flavorful meal. We also tried the vegan chai sorbet which tasted like luscious, frozen pumpkin pie with butternut squash, chai spice, coconut milk and olive oil. The place was buzzing, the service was friendly and prompt and the options were plentiful.

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Love love love Duluth Grill! The only reason I give it four stars instead of five was because I once had a server there who knew nothing about the vegan options (of which there are a lot!) My favorite is the vegan omelet - it's huge and so delicious! They also grow their own food & use locally sourced/organic food which is always awesome.

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The lemonade is good.

Went here with my boyfriend. We got seated right away, and got our drinks right away. We weren't quite ready to order by the time our drinks arrived, so our waitress said she'd be back. She came back to the tables around us, but never stopped by our table. Even with the universal sign of being ready to place our order (menus closed, us looking in her direction). We sat for an additional 10-15 minutes after telling her we needed a few more minutes. I got up to to break a $20 at the front counter, left $5 on the table, and we left. The menu looked like there were some good dishes on it, and they indicate which items can be ordered vegan, so that's nice.

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my husband and i ate here on our way back to the cities; in short it's bland, overpriced, under-thought food. for almost 40$ we received 2 lemonades, 2 tempeh sandwiches and a "buffalo" tofu appetizer. (2 beers, 2 entrees, and app and a dessert the following night at sen yai sen lek was 36$)
our food was incredibly disappointing; the sandwich consisted of a few chunks of un-seasoned tempeh, a few pieces of jarred, roasted bell pepper, and a piece of chalky soy cheese- no sauces, no spices- and very thick bread. our "buffalo" tofu appetizer was just plain old firm tofu with some sauce to dip it in. these items barely went beyond opening a few packages, and putting them together.
i really felt like maybe at one time, the duluth grill had a vegan employee who convinced them to add an option or two to their menu, and when the employee quit/left/whatever, the vegan options fell by the wayside. the only plausible reason i can think that would lead someone to serve something that unappealing would be that they had never once eaten it themselves, or didn't know better enough to not serve it- especially at the price.

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I agree with the others that there is not much to choose from for vegans, but luckily for us they had the fried buffalo tofu. We had the fried buffalo tofu to start (the sauce comes to dip), and then the sandwich for the menu (sauce, tofu, and vegan cheddar). We went here twice - the first time the server was not very well informed on vegan. We asked 'are the onion rings vegan'. He said yes. I said 'so there is no egg, etc in it?'...", oh yes, there is egg in it". So I was a little hesitant to believe what he said was vegan...but other than that, the food was delicious. Too bad they didn't have any desserts I could eat, but this place provided for us when we went on vacation so it was a great option. Love the fact that they are local (and they were on 'diners, drive ins, and dives') :).

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There is very little for vegans on the menu. The section is titled 'Flexitarian,' ie non-meat, and many substitutions have to be made to make anything vegan. When I asked the server which bread was vegan, because the menu said the otherwise vegan bread contained HONEY, she had no clue what I was asking and told me which breads were gluten-free, none of which were vegan. She had to ask another employee, and was still confused, so I went with a tortilla. The hummus wrap I went with was tasty, but when I go out to eat, I really want something that I can't easily whip up at home. I really suggest that restaurants that claim to cater to special dietary needs train and inform their servers.

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Although the menu options for vegans are limited, they are probably the foremost restaurant in Duluth in attempting to make a vegan accessible menu. They experiment with options and change selections based on their success. Many ingredients are locally sourced. They are very happy to share information about the foods they make and are very friendly. There are even gluten free options for those with gluten sensitivities. Much of their food is homemade, even down to their ketchup. Worth supporting!

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My boyfriend and I were in Duluth this weekend for a concert and decided to hit up Duluth Grill for dinner. I was excited to see a number of vegan options on their online menu. Upon arriving, I saw that the menu had a new vegan item on it: a very tasty sandwich with (I think this was everything..) portobello mushrooms, tempeh, red peppers, and vegan cheese. It was so tasty! They must have just started serving vegan cheese because under the item it said something about vegan cheese being available for all dishes now. That's pretty exciting... The server was really knowledgeable about vegan options, and if there was something she wasn't sure of, she went to check with the cooks. The sweet potato fries are really tasty, but watch out because they normally come with a sauce on them that is made with mayonnaise. She made sure I got mine without. Overall, the experience was great. Great food, great service, and a nice atmosphere. The only thing that could make it better would be a vegan dessert option. :)

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