Budapest, Hungary


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Some of the best food ever!!

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Falafel might not seem like the kind of meal that really impresses you; at least, not in Hungary. But they staff won me over as soon as I entered with a free cup of hot mint tea while I perused the blackboard. Actually, I tried to say no because I was a little suspicious about it being "free," but the owner made me. In the nicest way possible. I ordered a falafel sandwich with "everything, but no dairy," and he worked out the details for me. I think it was 500 HUF, which is about $3, and bulging with spicy, pickled, veggie, hummus and tahini goodness. So satisfying.

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Cheap and simple, you can also make salads in different sized bowls. They don't mind at all when you try to pile the salad as high as possible in your bowl even when it starts to look like the tower of babel. They just smile approvingly. I like this place a lot a go there pretty often. Everyone that works here is really nice and they make fresh fruit juices for you. You might have to know the Hungarian words for the different fruits though they are not too hard to guess. Who could ask for more?

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