Karmavore Vegan Shop

Vancouver, British Columbia


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I like Karmavore because it is the closest vegan restaurant to me. At the time of writing this it is currently shut down due to a fire.

Karmavore has some really amazing desserts and they have soft serve "ice cream". They also offer salads, wraps, burgers etc. The food is good, but it is very slow, and fairly expensive. I ordered a wrap and a smoothie, the place wasn't too busy. I waited at least a half an hour for it. Then found out it wasn't what I ordered, so I had to wait another 20 minutes. The slowness isn't a one time deal, it is always very slow. Actually come to think of it, not getting what you ordered seems common too (even if you verify your order after it is taken). As far as prices, a burger (a gardein burger you could make at home) is $11 with either a salad or small serving of fries. It used to come without the side for $8 which was still pricey but at least you didn't have to get a side you didn't want. A smoothie or shake is either 7 or 8 dollars. For comparison I was in Anaheim and could get a vegan burger and large serving of fries for $6.50, and a smoothie for $3.50.

Karmavore used to have a vegan grocery but the decided to remove it and only run the cafe / dessert bar. The grocery was one of the big reasons I made the trip out there, now I pretty much only go for the desserts, as I simply find it too expensive, and very time consuming.

The staff are friendly and I wish Karmavore long term success, but I hope things change because of the issues I mentioned above.

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