Todbot's Triangles

Portland, Oregon


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Excellent food.... tasty, cheap, satifying with a kick. My son also attends the informal musical gatherings on Thursday nights. We love Todbot's. By the Way... excellent name.

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The odd name of Todbot's Triangles comes in part from the triangular shape of the onigiri he serves. The Todbot part of the name I can't help you with. The onigiri are delicious triangles of compressed rice with one of a number of fillings wrapped in dried seaweed. Many of the fillings are vegan such as tempeh, mushroom and pickled vegetable, but some are fish. Since the place is owned and run by one guy (Todbot?) you can ask him about any of the ingredients that might concern you. I personally have some digestive troubles with raw onion, so he just left it out of the mix for me.

He also makes his own Kambucha, which is really quite lovely and not like some of the overpowering commercial drinks of the same name.

The place is a little hard to find given that it is actually a food 'cart' in a detached garage behind one of the neighborhood houses. But the garden is nice on a sunny day and if it's cold or rainy there is warm comfy seating inside the tiny place itself.

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I had the tempeh and shitake triangle. Tasty with a bit of zing. About half the menu is vegetarian or vegan.

Todbot's Triangles can also be found at the OHSU Farmers Market on Tuesday lunchtime.

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