Habib Wholefoods

Melbourne, Australia


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Worst customer service experience in my life!
I was opening moisturiser tubes to smell them ( the correct way up!) when some air pushed a blob of moisturiser out of the bottle and onto the ground. Not wanting to leave it there, I wiped it up with my hand and started rubbing the excess on my arm. A staff member then came round the corner and started accusing me of using the product as a sample that I was not allowed to use it, whilst straightening up everything I had touched. He then called over another staff member with a mop and made me stand on a mop because I ' would trudge it all over the store!' The whole expereince was demeaning and the man was extremeley rude and patronising. The saddness and irony was, I was in there on what was to be my first of weekly visits to buy my groceries. I would have been a regular customer and spent copious amounts, if not for the disgusting way I was treated.
I'm not one to be difficult whatsoever, I was so appalled and saddened by this treatment. Just one word of advice for the staff...always assume positive intent.
I do not reccomend this store at all, sadly.

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