Bordertown Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Bordertown is an easy-to-miss little coffee shop located inside a beautiful old frat house on a quiet side street. I stopped by for a cup of tea and a vegan cookie and was quite pleased.

For one thing, the place offers a variety of loose leaf teas, which is always a huge point in their favor (I loathe independent coffee shops that pawn off "Stash" or "Republic of Tea" prepackaged bags, which is a cheap and mediocre way to do things). They also have extensive coffee/latte offerings.

I also had a vegan chocolate chip cookie ($1.50) which was excellent: this was definitely one of the best vegan cookies I've had in the Twin Cities, beating out anything you'd find at The Wedge, Hard Times, or Seward Co-op (however, Common Roots and Seward Cafe do make excellent cookies, albeit with different styles).

Bordertown's cookie (which was also their only vegan offering) is moist, sweet and substantial in texture and heaviness.

I went back a few days later and had a double chocolate chip cookie with fresh almonds ($2) that was also amazing: rich, soft and fresh.

However, the place's hours are troublesome and the main room was a bit too bleak for my likes. The chairs and tables weren't very comfortable or cozy and the noise level is too quiet (mostly because the acoustics of the room amplify even whispers). This might be a good place to study, but not to chit-chat or hang-out.

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This is one of my favorite coffee shops in the Twin Cities, especially near the University. The vegan options for baked goods are very well made; the cookies are the best and the quickbreads are also extremely delicious and creative. The service is fast and the baristas are friendly. There are also vegan options for salads, breakfast, and sandwiches. If it were only open more often it would be my favorite cafe in the cities.
Very affordable.

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