Chango Coffee House

Los Angeles, California


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This is a standard coffee shop that has a few nice perks: ample seating, lots of outdoor seating, and a great selection of loose-leaf teas. Its vegan food options are basic (breakfast burritos with potatoes or black beans) and it oddly enough doesn't offer any homemade baked goods.

That said, the service is friendly and the wifi is free. Chango also is in an actual building, and it's a nice change of pace to not be in an actual neighborhood, not an isolated stripmall, which is basically the rest of Los Angeles.

If they reduced the price of their tea, that would make them more appealing. $3.50 for a pot is expensive, even if you can get a couple steeps. If they added some great vegan baked goods, they'd get another star.

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Chango has OK coffee and good vegan grilled cheese and gardein chicken sandwiches.

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