Homegrown Smoker

Portland, Oregon


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I got the tempeh ribs and really enjoyed them. Ordered the chipotle slaw on the side and enjoyed that as well. Really had a good time eating here with so many great options.

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Just get the combo so you can try lots of stuff - the tempeh "ribs" and the smoked Beyond Meat chicken-less strips are the proteins to go for.

As for the sides, I thought the greens, the mac and vegan cheese, the cole slaw, and the sweet potato fries were really well done.

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A vegan barbecue cart. Only in Portland, my friends.

I had a "smoker sandwich" with Field Roast meatloaf, along with a side of mac and cheese ($7). It was a barbecue sandwich in between hamburger buns. I thought the sandwich was okay, but I wasn't that impressed with the barbecue sauce (I think it was a tad too sweet for my likes). Also, it would have been better with a whole wheat bun.

The mac and cheese was great though. It would have been perfect if they put some diced mushrooms and green peppers with it.

On a whole, this is a pretty cool concept and I'm looking forward to trying their other sandwiches and dishes.

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this food cart is great and everything's vegan. i love greasy spoon food and this was excellent for what i was craving. i had the chili cheese dog and it was not only huge, but cheesy (DAIYA!) and just spicy enough and HUGE. i couldn't finish it. it made a great leftover. my boyfriend had the loafaroni which was meatloaf and macaroni and cheese on a bun. very tasty and really big. he got the cornbread, which i didn't really think tasted like cornbread at all, but it still was very savory sweet.

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