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Manhattan, New York City


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September 2009 review:

I find the food here to be fairly overpriced and the menu to be slightly confusing but the food is SOOOO good. Unfortunately, Mexican Radio doesn't give you free chips and salsa, but a basket of mixed fried chips (yellow, blue, red corn tortilla chips) and homemade salsa is only $3 and it is out of this world. Far superior than anything you'll get free in most restaurants.

There is a vegetarian/vegan-friendly symbol, but unfortunately, there is only one symbol so there's a couple vegetarian items that aren't vegan. I was upset to learn that the chimichangas were one such item because there is cheese or something already in the batter. My 2nd choice was seitan flautas that were labeled as "choose your own filling" (their "fillings" section includes seitan, mixed veggies, and a few other veg options), but was told that the only fillings offered were beef, chicken, or mushrooms. Glad they offered a veg option but I don't do mushrooms so had to find a 3rd choice.

I decided on the mixed mole enchilada platter, which had 3 enchiladas, each containing a different mole sauce (there are 5 in all and they're all vegan). I think my favorite was the raspberry mole. The plate of 2 enchiladas was $16 so I got the plate of 3 for $18, which seemed like a much better deal. They were good, although the beans and rice were a bit plain, but I don't think it was worth $18.

My friend ordered the seitan burrito w/ vegan cheese and sour cream, which was absolutely amazing, but definitely overpriced at $17.

The ambiance here is sort of chill but tacky, with Christmas lights hung up all over the place. However, there was not one single Mexican person eating there so that's a pretty good sign that the food isn't authentic, although it's pretty good.

June 2011 review:

I've since returned numerous times (usually with coupons!) and I have to say my favorite items is the stuffed plantains. They let me get two stuffed with seitan and two stuffed with veggies. They came with tofu sour cream and vegan cheese and a side of beans and rice. Delish! Nothing super fancy, but very different and more creative than you'll find in most Mexican restaurants.

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