Rockin' Raw

Manhattan, New York City


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The first thing you notice about this place is the beautiful patio. My friends and I sat outside in the patio on a nice warm day, happy there were table umbrellas because the weather was drizzling on and off. However, while the patio was absolutely gorgeous and very relaxing, there were an incredible amount of ants crawling around, many coming up our legs and then around on the table. We also saw a huge rat in the neighbor's backyard in the middle of the day, but were glad the little guy didn't come over to the restaurant.

As for food, three of us split an appetizer sampler and an entree sampler. Neither appear on the menu but we got the impression that they do this on a regular basis so just ask for it. Each was $21 and came with all of the options on the menu. This was a fantastic way to try everything so now I know what my favorites are.

I would have to say that of the appetizers, the crab cakes with dill sauce and the sushi rolls tied for my favorite. The soul chips (spiced flax crackers, basically) with the sauce of the day (a sort of cashew-lemon cream resembling sour cream) was also very good. Of the entrees, we all absolutely loved the squash "pasta" with pesto sauce. It was extremely flavorful and didn't make me think "this is good for raw food" because it was just plain good. I also liked the squash pasta w/ bolognese sauce, especially the little "sausage" balls they came with, which had a fabulous fennel flavor.

The desserts looked beautiful but seemed a bit pricey so we didn't try any. We felt pretty satisfied for our meal, but were ready for a snack shortly after, which either means the food isn't filling or that we're just plain greedy (or a bit of both). :)

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