Jay's Cheesesteak - 21st Street

San Francisco, California


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This is one of our favorite "fast-food" choices in the Mission. I always order the bbq seitan cheesesteak, "no cheese, no mayo". My girlfriend Erin loves the "veggie works". Tastes great both fresh and after sitting around overnight.

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I love the seitan cheesesteaks. They have several types (avocado, jalapeno, etc), all of which have thinly-sliced and seasoned seitan. These are great hot subs, which I heartily recommend to lacto-ovo veggies. The sides are generally good too, with garlic fries and fairly good fried mozzarella sticks. If you're in the mood to pig out, then Jay's is a good choice. The prices are a bit higher than a typical cheesesteak joint, but it's worth it.

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