Ristorante Da Gemma

Capri, Italy


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I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled with Da Gemma. The only vegan options were bruschetta (which was literally a pizza crust, brushed with olive oil, topped with tomato slices and basil on top) and pasta with marinara sauce. Still, my dinner at Da Gemma was one of the better vegan meals that I had in the town of Capri. Unlike most of the other restaurants in Capri, Da Gemma made a very flavorful tomato sauce. Also, while the bruschetta was a bit unusual, it was nice to have an appetizer available to me.

In short, I'm giving Da Gemma a rating of 2 not because the food quality was low, but mostly because there aren't many options for vegans. Vegetarians will find more to choose from (ex. pizza and baked ziti).

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