Ambrosia Indian Bistro

Monterey County, California

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North Indian food with a separate vegan menu, also serves mixed cocktails

Restaurant, Bar

Features standard North Indian dishes such as chana masala, aloo gobi and dal.

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Ugh this place left so much to be desired. We came in at the tail-end of their lunch buffet and it was clear that as soon as we walked in the door they wanted us out of there so they could clean up, even though we still had at least 30 minutes before lunch service ended. Upon first glance, there were a number of vegetarian options, such as tofu masala, dal, aloo tiki, etc. Some of these options were also available on their vegan menu, so we were a bit shocked to discover, upon asking what all was vegan on their buffet, that the answer was nothing. Apparently they had put some kind of cream in all of the buffet items. It also took us asking three people to come to obtain this information. Strike one.

When we finally got our answers about the buffet, we asked to look at the menu. The waiter came back literally 90 seconds later to ask if we had made our selections. We actually needed a bit more time to look, not only "just because" but also because my date was missing the vegan options list from her menu. Strike two.

We made up our minds and decided we wanted a mixed vegan veggie sampler and yellow dal. The waiter asked us if we wanted bread or rice because it didn't come with. Strike three. So we ordered some additional roti.

Given that we were literally the only two people in the restaurant, we were a little surprised by how long it took us to get food. When it came out we were instantly let down. Now, I've been to like a million Indian places, some of them very low-budget and no frills to some fancier ones. But when I order a sampler platter, I am used to getting at least 10 delicious fried things. This came out with two stuffed half potatoes, two pokoras, and one tiny samosa. The stuffed potato things whose official name I can't remember were bland and the pokora was not good at all. I didn't even finish it, and I have made pokoras at home using the mix from the Indian specialty food store that were better than this.

The yellow dal was actually quite good, but I've had the exact same dal at other places for way cheaper (Ghandi Mahal in Minneapolis) and with way better service. It was also a super tiny amount - basically a little bit more than you would get if ordering a bowl of soup - at $10.

You got more than three strikes, Ambrosia Indian Bistro. You are out.

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Great restaurant with very nice ambiente.
They have a big selection of vegetarian dishes and a seperate vegan menu!
The food is delicous and it's definitely worth going.

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$$ - average


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  • Indian (Northern)


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11:30am - 2:30pm;
5pm - 9pm

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