Pairings Food and Wine Market

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This is a very good restaurant for vegetarians, but vegans will not have much from which to choose.

That being said, the number vegetarian options is above average for restaurants in this part of the suburbs and of very high quality -- especially considering the moderate price.

Although I have not tried this personally, someone with whom I went to the restaurant noted that the chef was willing to make something for him especially. Perhaps then, he would be willing to make something vegan? I'm not sure, but it did seem to me that all three or so times I have been to this restaurant, the chef himself has been very attentive to customers. That is to say, he has come out from the kitchen to see how the customers were doing, ask them how everything was, etc. The personal attention was very nice.

In summary: definitely worth a try for vegetarians in this Eden Prairie / Minnetonka / Hopkins intersection, but vegans should most likely steer clear.

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