Dumpling Man

Manhattan, New York City


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This has to be one of my new favorite places. The food is quick, cheap, and delicious. I ordered the pan-seared veggie dumplings, which were slightly greasy, but was told they're quicker to make than the steamed variety and I was in a rush. The dumplings came out in about 5 minutes and were piping hot. I threw on some soy sauce and Siracha sauce and called it a day.

I also had the banana coin (dessert dumpling w/ banana, pine nut, and goji berry), which was amazing. It was only $1 so I wish I would have ordered more.

I might have to start stopping in between 3-5pm on a regular basis, because their 6 dumplings for $3.50 special is a really good deal! 6 dumplings is a pretty good snack or a really small dinner. I love dumplings so I'd probably get two of the 2 6-packs and call it a night.

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