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My roommate has been telling me how wonderful Tai Thai is for quite some time, as she used to live down the block from there and ate there all the time. I thought the food was okay, and I wouldn't be opposed to eating there again, but I wasn't really impressed with the food. This could be because I ate there at lunch, when the $5.50 lunch specials may not necessarily represent the finest dishes to come out of their kitchen.

I had the Thai spaghetti green curry, which was angel-hair like rice/wheat noodles with eggplant, carrots, cabbage, onions, a little tofu, and a green coconut curry sauce. It was like a thick soup and it was spicy as HELL. They warned me this was the spiciest dish on the menu, and I did enjoy it, but it had me sweating with a runny nose, so definitely stay away from it if you don't like spicy food. It came out SUPER hot, but it was tolerable after it cooled down about 30 minutes ago.

I also got the pad thai veggie (no egg) which was good, but a little sweet for my taste. I took most of it home in my little tupperware container and actually enjoyed it better the next day, after the flavors had settled a bit. I also really liked the veggie spring rolls that came with each entree.

This place seems to be quite busy during the lunch hours, with lots of single people and small groups in and out for a quick, cheap lunch. The food comes really fast and the staff is friendly, so it's a good place to stop if you're in a rush.

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