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This restaurant is amazing! Our waiter was very nice and knowledgeable of the vegan menu. My husband had the vegan pasta alfredo and I had the vegan risotto dish (I cannot remember the name of it, but it had chunks of artichokes, red peppers, onions, and Italian "sausage") and they were both divine! This is not one of those "hole in the wall" restaurants. I highly recommend getting the vegan chocolate cheesecake for dessert (the cheesecake is very thick and rich, one slice is big enough for two - I promise)! You might even get to see Ingrid Newkirk if you are lucky (for those of you who are PETA lovers). She was sitting right across from me and my husband, but I was too shy to talk to her. I believe she frequents this restaurant and helps with the menu ( not sure though). ENJOY!!

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Amalfi has great outdoor seating - separate smoking and non-smoking even outdors, and a great location right on Colley Avenue in Ghent. They go out of their way to include fresh and tasty vegan and vegetarian appetizers and entrees - everything from vegan calamari to vegetarian polenta, and they always use vegetable stock in their veg dishes. It's a great place to go for Italian without having to just get spaghetti with tomato sauce!

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I was wandering around Colley the other day with 2 friends trying to figure out what to eat -- we all tend to eat the exact same things from the exact same places all of the time and wanted something new. We had heard that Amalfi's had started carrying vegan 'meatball' subs and decided to check it out. It was amazing! The hostess was very nice and polite and the food was delicious. I will definately be back.

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I was drawn to Amalfi's because the food blend sounded excellent; what could be wrong with Italian style vegetarian? As it turns out the advertisement was better than the delivery.

Located in Ghent, the decor was upscale European. Although it was a little loud it was visually pleasing. Before ordering food I had wine and the winelist is impressive. Strolling over to the open kitchen area I was able to watch some dishes being prepared -- my stomach sunk when I saw meat (looked like a pork chop) being cooked alongside vegetables. Thinking this was a dish for one (non-vegetarian) person, I watched the food be seperated and combined with other ingredients before delivery to a table for two people (one "vegetarian" and one not)!! I sat back down (near the kitchen) nursed my wine, and watched this occur twice more before paying my bill and leaving.

Bottom line, this is NOT as vegetarian as advertised. I would pass on this restaurant.

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Lots of vegan versions of italian classics - fettucine alfredo, spaghetti with meatballs, bruschetta, gelato. This place is terrific, and it's easy to order vegan stuff.

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